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You can now place your order online and purchase your high quality Walling Precast Concrete Panels(select size), Fencing HBeams, TBeams (Select size) and TBlocks slab solution (Verification Site Visit required).

All products and prices highlightedin bold are available at our Online Precast Shop below. Should you have any specific enquiries, please contact our customer service manager through: (+254)0795 382244  |  (+254)0731 373696 or via email:

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81.90 KSh 81.90 KSh 81.9 KES
1,206.90 KSh 1,206.90 KSh 1206.9 KES
3,448.28 KSh 3,448.28 KSh 3448.28 KES
Precast Concrete Panels
1,643.10 KSh 1,643.10 KSh 1643.1000000000001 KES
TBeam & TBlocks Flooring Verification Site Visit
8,620.69 KSh 8,620.69 KSh 8620.69 KES