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Affordable housing is indeed a reality in Kenya today and we plan to extend this footprint of such success stories across East Africa. It is now affordable to own a home with the high quality SquareApple precast concrete products. Below we are sharing with you some of our customer's success customers' projects snapshots as they use the various precast products in our portolio: precast concrete walling panels, H-Beams and T-Beams/TBlocks flooring.

Precast concrete panels

High quality SquareApple precast concrete panels. Optimal steel reinforcement and manufactured using the highest quality of raw materials. Constructs strong, pristine exterior and interior walls.

Interior walls

Strong and straight walls partititioning - the contractor and architect will handshake with a smile during milestones assessments! Straight even walls are cheaper to finish. No plastering required - just skimming and application of 2 coats of paint!


Walling your maisonette is now easy as XYZ... Precast panels installation in days! affordable exterior walling and partitioning of your house.

TBeams+TBlock flooring

Slab flooring using the load bearing capacity TBeams and TBlocks is an affordable way to build your floors. 

Before purchase, we visit your premises for a verification site visit in order to establish and work out the load bearing capacity, for your floor(s) as we draw out and recomment the TBeams+TBlocks arrangement.

TBeams+TBlock arrangement

From the design arrangement to the construction site, we supervise the laying of the TBeams/TBlocks as per the design. 

We ensure that you have an optimal and affordable design to suite your building.

Installation complete!

Both precast TBeams+TBlocks and precast concrete panels installed in days! Next steps...50mm - 70mm concrete casting on top of the slab + kickoff interior finishings.

Skimming precast walls

The finishings stage is both affordable and exciting! No plastering required - just a clean paste of skimming as you prepare your walls for painting.

Precast kitchen

You can now actualise your dream kitchen using precast panels counter-tops finished with granite. 

SquareApple precast panels are strong and of best quality - tiles load bearing is excellent!

Bathroom finishings

From considerations during quality  assessments, we manufacture strong and high-quality precast concrete panels that will give you an endless opportunity to tile-up your wet house living spaces optimally!

Windows installation

The perimeter of the window is fitted with SquareApple strong steel channels. Thereafter, the window is welden onto the steel channels in a perfect fit metal fabrication process. Windows can all be fixed in a day!

Doors installed

Easy installation of any type of doors onto the precast concrete panels framework. Quick installation since the walls are perfectly straight.

Kitchen counter built

Use space optimally - strong SquareApple precast concrete panels build very strong kitchen counters. All you need is a granite top and a sink as part of your finishings.


VR takes immersive gaming to another level. From deep environmental interactions to puzzle solving.

Precast wall

At this stage, the panels have been fixed in a horizontal way. You can also arrange them vertically. The wall is complete. However, you can use other various styles of sinishings like painting, stone cladding or a thin layer of plastering.

Finished wall

This is a finished affordable precast concrete fence. Precast concrete panels and Hbeams were used along with a thin layer of cement motor plastering.

Multi-storey building

Precast construction using precast concrete panels and TBeams/TBlocks will save you costs. You will be able to complete a building with about and estimated 40% cost savings!

Apartment in progress

Great progress with a commercial apartment building. Exterior and interior walls partitioning done. Windows and doors fixed.

Apartment complete

Skimming complete and painting applied - what a beautifully finished apartment building. Sound proof, fire proof and affordable - done to completion!

Bugalow walls complete

A bungalow coming up - walls put up in days! Steel channels fabricated along the perimeter of the walls to firm up the building.

Roofing kickoff

Wooden roofing frame construction in progress.

Roofing complete

Bungalow roofing using iron sheets is now  complete. Next steps...finishings.

Contemporary Maisonette

SquareApple precast concrete panels fixed on an in-situ(normal) slab.


Great structures for the maisonette with beautiful windows structures installed in preparation for full-screen windows installation - great finishing ideas!


A mix of a bungalow and a maisonette with a tilted roof.Curving and cutting SquareApple precast concrete panels to fit designs can be done on-site easily by a professional fundi and using the required tools.


Quick construction of affordable classrooms is now possible with SquareApple precast concrete panels.

Dormitories & Dinning halls

Long span and expansive dormitories and dinning halls are also easy to put up in weeks!


Places of worship can now be constructed affordably and in weeks! Airy churches that can accomodate  a congregation can be done within a specified budget.

Watch - our sample house

.     This 4 rooms house was build in 10 days only! From walling, roofing, finishings and electricals.Yes - everthing! 

The home owner was able to move from his temporary house to the new family house build using precast concrete panels.

Facial-board & windows installed

This is an ongoing three bedrooms bungalow. Roofing ongoing on the next photo. Next steps...finishings stage.

Roofing ongoing

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