Affordable construction. 

in weeks!

Square Apple provides construction solutions for affordable housing in Kenya. We are a leading manufacturers and suppliers of precast concrete walling panels, fencing HBeams and TBeams/TBlocks slab flooring systems commonly used in affordable housing construction.

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2,000+ customers have experienced precast building construction to build homes & grow their businesses.

Our precast products

Precast products

High quality - value for money!

Precast concrete panels

Precast concrete panels lower building costs and prevent wastage of building materials. They are fire proof, weather proof, do not require plastering and installation is fast - in days! 

TBeams + TBlocks slab flooring

This the affordable flooring system with keenly calculated load bearing capacities. You will build your slab in days using very few resources. A site verification visit is the starting point: this is a mandatory requirement prior to purchases.


This product is used mainly for fencing along with precast concrete panels. It can also be used to build affordable go-downs, multi-purpose halls and low-cost housing units.

Products  features

High quality - re-usable!

Great Value

Precast Wall Panels, HBeams and TBeams/Blocks slab flooring from Square Apple, are known for providing peak performance. Our precast wall panels include weather-tight enclosures for maximum protection against mold and mildew, and their superior structural strength makes them highly compact and blast-resistant for maximum security. The high quality and durability of our precast products make them the ideal choice for meeting long-term construction needs

Construction services

We discuss our customers' construction needs and develop a viable project plan and scope. We develop and share project milestone reports with our customers highlighting successes, challanges and project's improvements action points.

Bungalow Estimates!

Ksh. 3 million

/ *paid in advance
  • 110 pieces precast concrete panels
  • 50 steel channels
  • Architectural drawing
  • Building approval

Maisonette Estimates!

Ksh. 8 million

/*paid in advance
  • 200 pieces precast concrete panels
  • 150 steel channels
  • Architectural & Structural drawings
  • Building approval

Construction Services Estimates!

Ksh. 30%

/Total cost of all materials *Paid in stages
  • Supply & fix precast concrete panels 
  • Supply & fix HBeams and precast panels
  • Building approvals
  • 24x7 phone-call support