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Our mission

To efficiently and consistently deliver solutions and services to our customers whilst maintaining high standards in terms of service delivery, quality and punctuality. Our aim is to maintain a highly satisfied clientele, achieve sustainable growth and annual profitability.

We view ourselves as equal partners with our customers and strive to remain dedicated to the larger community and the environment at large.

Our vision

We intend to provide our customers with the best quality precast concrete products and construction services with fast and good quality service delivery.

Our philosophy

We are experienced construction business professionals whose commitment to our customers is delivered by a value-oriented teamwork approach. With quality and integrity always in mind, we develop long-term personal and business relationships with our clients, making even the most demanding projects an enjoyable and rewarding experience.

Our team

Our team is strong. Square Apple team members are leaders, collaborators and listeners willing to do whatever it takes to ensure that precast construction projects are completed to the total satisfaction of all stakeholders. Our staff members have experience addressing complicated precast construction challenges, on a wide variety of projects, forging lasting relationships and leading to numerous products re-sell opportunities.

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Manufacturing & Supplies.

Square Apple is a company involved in manufacturing and construction services of Precast concrete walling panels, H-Beams, and suppliers of the TBeams & TBlocks slab flooring system.

Quality matters.

We have a vast level of expertise and reputation for quality, integrity and timely service provision. Good people doing exceptional work. We believe that the quality of our products, shapes our good lifetime relationships with our customers.

Great customer experience!

We are therefore committed to delivering through exceptional customer experiences, timely product delivery and top quality products foreach and every customer.

Construction services.

We are also building contractors with a touch of delivering simple and pristine premises. We bridge the gaps on behalf of our customers in order to deliver high quality architectural plans, structural plans and construction services within a short period of time. 

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