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Run your own quote & place an order for your precast panels, Hbeams and/or Tbeams/blocks to build your affordable house, classrooms, dormitories, dinning halls and places of worship within weeks! SquareApple is your trusted and preferred construction business partner.

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Low-cost walling & Easy Installation

We only use high quality raw materials to manufacture our precast products. ​We make sure you get the best quality available on the market at the very best price. All our precast concrete panels go through a quality assessment process during manufacturing and are KEBS approved.



We understand that H-beams are load bearing, during a fencing project, therefore, appreciating the need to be optimally reinforced using steel during manufacturing. Our production process involves quality testing and running laboratory assessments in order to assure the best quality products in the market for our customers.

T-Beams & Blocks

T-Beams and blocks flooring will save you about 40% of your slab flooring costs. We access your project requirements and draw out a T-Beams and Blocks floor(s) layouts. We involve engineering professionals to work out and keenly access the load bearing capacity of your building. They consider the use and purpose of your building and propose the most optimal T-Beams and blocks flooring layout.

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